Best Pressure Washer 2017 – Buying Guide!

You want to invest in a pressure washer, but you do not find yourself in the jungle of the products available?

Do not panic!

With our electric pressure washer purchase guide, make your choice according to objective criteria and adapted to your expectations, for a successful purchase.

A great look for this high-pressure cleaner standing!

Our buyer’s guide Best Pressure Washer 2017

What to look for before embarking on the acquisition of a power washer? Here are the criteria that we think deserve special attention:

Strength and reliability

For some, it is a surprise, for the savvier a confirmation, but the strength and reliability of a pressure washer are the number one criteria, as acquiring a pressure washer is an investment that must ‘ Consider in the long term.

Indeed, too many low-quality devices are marketed, so that the user can no longer make his choice and ends up with a device that breaks down after two uses.

Do not forget for example for the best pressure washer seen on teleshopping! These cheap devices, made in China, will quickly let you down.

The material of the pump is a good guarantee of reliability and durability, so do not invest in plastic but prefer aluminum!

All models are known to be solid and reliable, for an optimal use for a long time. If you’re looking for reviews of leading electric pressure washer models then look at this site here –

Pressure and flow of expelled water

These are two important criteria in choosing your pressure washer, because they determine the scrubbing power of surfaces, that is, no more and no less than its ability to do its job well!

Easy to take on the game of everything go to the pressure washer!

  • The pressure represents the force with which the water will be propelled on the surface to be cleaned, it, therefore, conditions the generating power. The higher the pressure, the more dirt will disappear. A power washer appliance will be particularly suitable for surfaces where dirt is encrusted (residues of paint, glue, graffiti).Be careful. However, some surfaces do not accept a pressure too strong, it is the case for example of the wooden terraces. Some devices have a variable pressure to treat all types of surfaces.Generally, for occasional use, a pressure between 110 and 140 bars seems sufficient, for a regular use choose a device whose pressure varies between 130 and 140 bars.For intensive use, we advise you to invest in a high-pressure cleaner whose pressure exceeds 140 bars, so you do not fall for it!
  • Water flow is the amount of water sprayed by the pressure washer, usually expressed in liters per hour.The higher the water flow, the more quickly the dirt is removed. A high flow of water can, therefore, save precious time, especially during the great spring cleaning.For an occasional appliance, a flow of between 350 and 400 liters of water per hour seems correct, for a regular use count between 380 and 480 liters per hour. On the other hand for intensive use, a water flow between 450 and 550 liters per hour is strongly recommended.

Note: The power of the pressure washer is also a criterion to watch.

It allows the pump to be driven and is generally between 1400 and 1800 W for occasional appliances, between 1600 and 2000 W for regular use and above 2000 W for intensive use.

It is however understood that the higher the power, the more the device will be greedy in electricity!

Ease of use

There is a multitude of pressure washers, from the simplest models to the more complex tools of specialized companies.

Cold water pressure washers and power supplies will be used for domestic use only.

A pressure washer must be easy to handle!

However, the most models upscale accept incoming water to 60 ° C. Hot-water high-pressure cleaners essentially allow degreasing of surfaces.

The thermal models allow for nomadic use and run on gasoline. Finally, stationary or stationary pressure washers are generally reserved for professionals. They are either fixed to the wall or rest on a support.

At FlowGSM, we have decided to compare only simple high-pressure cleaners for the greatest number, cold water, and power supply.

The less complex models, easy to handle and equipped with a few accessories, will satisfy occasional users.

The most sophisticated models, equipped with multiple functions and many accessories, are for their part reserved for intensive use for exteriors requiring cleanliness.

Maneuverability and transport

These two criteria also have their role to play in the final choice of the pressure washer.

Given the relatively high weight of such an apparatus, which exceeds the ten kilograms, it seems wise to consider the question of transport, congestion and general portability.

We will, therefore, look at the overall handling of the appliance, the accessories and their storage and the length of the high pressure hose and the power cord.

From a transport point of view, if most models have wheels and a handle that allows them to be transported easily during cleaning, some others fish at this level, making them much less portable.

For a tool intended to be transported or lent, maneuverability is always a plus

Features & Accessories

The more the pressure washer will have accessories plus its functionality and de facto its versatility will be great.

There is a multitude of compatible accessories for each device, either standard or optional, that truly treat all exterior surfaces at depth.

So all pressure washers come with a high pressure hose or long, lance and a pistol.

You will also usually find one or more nozzles. The flat jet nozzle offers a powerful jet with limited impact.

The higher the angle, the wider the jet, but the lower the impact due to the less focus. It is by this principle that manufacturers generally offer a variable jet nozzle as standard, which allows adjusting the angle to adapt the impact power to the type of surface to be cleaned.

Also, almost all of the pressure washers have a rotating or rotating jet nozzle. It emits a nerve rotating straight jet that multiplies up to seven jet power, even on irregular surfaces.

High-pressure cleaners are armed with a wealth of useful accessories!

Other accessories are available, such as the brush that will be the indispensable ally to gently wash the body of your car without risking scratching, or the kit uncovers pipes will avoid you to go through the plumber box!

If you have a large terrace, the T-racer will be an accessory that you will not be able to do without. Thanks to its two nozzles fixed on a rotating system, it will remove all types of smooth surfaces, all without splashing!

The ecological models allow water to be drawn directly into a rainwater recuperator or a retention tank.

They also allow users who do not have water in the vicinity of the cleaning site to draw the water into a container (bucket, basin) previously filled, thanks to the suction kit provided.

Finally, the presence of a liquid cleaning tank is a feature available on some devices.

This will allow you to clean all the surfaces where a good shampoo is necessary with detergent liquid!

Some devices only have a suction strainer, which you unwind and immerse in a bottle of cleaning product for impeccable results.

Conclusion buying guide pressure washer

It is not easy to choose its pressure washer from all the models available on the market.

According to experts at ReviewsByExpert, a high-pressure cleaner must above all be reliable and strong, but you must not lose sight of the use that you will make of it.

To facilitate cleaning, the brands are redoubled in ingenuity, regarding transport and maneuverability on the one hand, and supplied or optional accessories on the other, which are essential criteria.

Now you have to play to find the model that suits your needs!